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Accountability of Authority


Interested in learning about a candidate’s position, how an incumbent voted on legislation, or who is contributing to his/her campaign?  We’ve provided some trusted, fact-based resources below where you can find out more about your legislators and candidates running for election. We also answer some important questions about our legislators.

Open Secrets

The Center for Responsive Politics provides this website, one of the best sources for information on campaign finance and money in politics. If you’re a voter who believes that it’s important to “follow the money” when it comes to elections, this is the place for you.


For general information about our legislative system, state budget, ballot measures and even top “influencers” in Montana, Ballotpedia, the “encyclopedia of American politics,” can’t be beat. It’s also a non-partisan website.

Vote Smart

This easy-to-use website allows the user to search by politician’s name or zip code to find his/her bio, votes (if elected to office), positions, speeches and funding. Here you can also find Vote Smart  all known interest group ratings for each candidate and official.


Can You Trust YOUR Legislators and Elected Officials?

How can I find out who my candidates or legislators are?

No worries! The Montana Secretary of State website provides the opportunity to look up a current legislator or get connected to your county elections office for more information.

how do my legislators' votes contribute to improving our lives?

Excellent question! Montana Decides believes that all Montanans benefit from a strong economy, shared values, proper and limited  governance, and the presence of legislators and officials who vote within the principles or processes of the U.S. Constitution and the Montana Constitution. We analyze issues and actions based on these factors, and share our work with members. We even help our members take action with the information we provide them. 

How can i know if my legislators are working for the best interests of all montanans?

It helps to have unbiased information about your legislators and some data and research to help understand their past actions. We provide some of that information in our member communications. You can become a member by signing up here. You also can check the sources above for quick background information. Finally, town hall meetings and events are good opportunities to ask this question directly to your legislators.

How can i tell if my legislators are transparent and accountable for their votes?

This is a tough one. Certainly knowing who has contributed to their campaigns can provide a look at how they might vote, and why. But many times, the “behind the scenes” story is much more difficult to discover. Part of our work is to discover that information and provide it to our members, along with ways to use it for transparency and accountability.

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