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Relying on social media or mainstream media for understanding issues or learning about a politician's/candidate's position is a waste of precious time and energy. The rhetoric just gets in the way. Here's a classic example from an excerpt of a Facebook post from a...

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7 days ago

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Considering the present environment we find ourselves in regarding social media and its accompanying dangers, we need to seriously consider turning back to more traditional options for receiving our news and information. If available would you decide to adopt those alternatives?July 15, 1863 Granville Stuart was a very literate man and was glad to have access to newspapers and mail from the states. “A. J. Oliver, who had established service between Salt Lake City and Bannack in November of 1862, started a stage line service between Virginia City and Bannack in August, 1863. We rejoiced to pay $1.00 each for any paper or letter received and seventy-five cents for all letters dispatched.” The demand for mail service was very great. “from Virginia City in one day in 1863, six thousand letters were dispatched to the east by way of Salt Lake, being an accumulation of ten days when the stage was not in operation.” By today’s standards this would be the equivalent of paying over $20 to receive a letter. TL ... See MoreSee Less

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