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Where Balanced Goverment Thrives, Prosperity Follows

Economic freedom promotes human progress. Good jobs, health, the environment and overall well-being thrive without interference from over-reaching government rules, regulations and requirements. The democratic function of a free market promotes dynamic growth through efficient resource allocation, value creation and innovation.

“Being a part of the fix” in Montana is made more complex by the changing demographics and economics of our state. Ranchers, cowboys and horses historically have played a big role in Montana’s culture, as has the state’s Native American past. Hence, Montanans have been largely conservative, independent, respectful of and dependent upon the land. Montana’s population has been shifting from rural mountains and plains to urban areas (currently, there are more than twice as many jobs in urban areas as there are in rural areas). This is largely due to in-migration of workers in high-tech industries, healthcare services and government. Seventy-one percent (71%) of net job growth has occurred around five cities, with Bozeman leading the pack. Of Montana in-migration, the number of those born in California, Washington and Oregon has doubled since 1980.

New residents and workers carry with them cultural norms from previous locations, which are often incompatible with existing cultural norms. Montana continues to experience a cultural shift that coincides with the economic shift that began nearly 15 years ago.

Political change is the final manifestation of cultural shifts that have already occurred as a result of economic change. The interests of Montana’s rural and less-populated areas increasingly take a backseat politically to the demands of growing cities and their populations of not-yet-maybe-never acculturated workers.


Less regulation, more freedom.


Be a source of trusted information about what it takes for our state to prosper. Provide actionable solutions for business and industry. Work together to ensure that there is an increased presence of principled leaders among our elected and appointed officials who believe that proper government provides all people freedom, dignity and potential.

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“I studied what principles under-laid peace and prosperity and concluded the only way to achieve societal well-being was through a system of economic freedom.“

Charles Koch

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