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The power to govern rests with the people. Over time, that power has become unbalanced to a point where it has created serious economic and political problems in Montana. We need to revive and popularize America’s original success formula based on Constitutionally-established principles of authority for a freer and more prosperous Montana. We need, at a minimum, three things to succeed: a common set of basic beliefs regarding our state representatives’ duties, a greater sense of urgency, and an increased presence of principled leaders.

Understanding how our culture and a return to proper governance help achieve prosperity requires a unified voice. We strive to promote a voice reflective of our state through  a collaborative communications  platform that is impartial, factual, insightful and thoughtful. We engage with Montana’s businesses and our communities as key partners for shared change.

01. Communications

We offer a variety of communication options that bypass shouting and shaming to provide opportunities to talk and listen to each other with respect, civility, clarity and purpose. Our communications also offer solutions that work and opportunities for Montanans to come together to support each other.

02. accountability

We recognize the impact that proper processes and governance have on our state’s economy and on personal prosperity. Our path forward requires the Constitutional foundation of balanced power on which we can build. Decisions must return to our state where they belong. We want to ensure that there is an increased presence of principled leaders among our elected and appointed officials. We insist on long-term, concrete solutions from our Governor, Supreme Court justices and legislators that provide all people freedom, dignity and potential. 

03. partnerships

Montana Decides is building a coalition of businesses, organizations and individuals who love Montana and respect the essence of our culture and history. We are working together to actively address obstacles to prosperity. Our partners will set the standards for a high level of personal responsibility among Montanans. Partners will have options to engage specialized services such as polling, issue analysis, research and data collection. 

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