goal four

Personal Responsibility

move away from the motionless middle

Don’t Expect the Government or “Someone”  to Fix It All

Our country and our state are enmeshed in a cultural narrative of victim mentality. Regardless of political affinity, socioeconomic class, religious beliefs, age, or any number of attributes, people feel helpless and disenfranchised. And so they rail against things – government, banks, institutions, media, bureaucracy. This is inherently ineffective and continues to build frustration and anger. Many people expect government or “someone”  to fix it all. But in doing so, they relinquish their responsibility to be a part of the fix.



To equip and encourage Montanans to consistently act in the best interests of us all.


Provide a communications platform for change, reaching beyond the current media environment of shouting and shaming to provide opportunities for Montanans to talk and listen to each other with respect and civility, and with clarity and purpose.

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“Freedom is not only a gift, but a summons to personal responsibility.”

Pope Benedict XVI

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